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:!:Quest > Netherstorm > Ethereum Secrets :!: Empty :!:Quest > Netherstorm > Ethereum Secrets :!:

Post  shades on Mon Sep 01, 2008 6:23 am

Type : Quest - Chain
Map : Netherstorm
Location : Protectorate Watch Post
Side : Alliance & Horde
NPC : Commander Ameer
Item Required : Ethereum Prison Key
Quest Objective : Ethereum Prisoner I.D. Tag
Description : use the Ethereum Prison Key on Ethereum Prison in Ethereum Staging Ground

Quest Extra Reward :
Each prisoner races that freed from the Ethereum Prison (depend on what races that inhabit in outland) will give you reputation of that Races Faction of Outland

Extra Information :
Quest Type "Repeatable" for gaining random reputation with all faction in the Outland

- When used the Ethereum Prison Key on the Ethereum Prison, the Prison got loose, but nothing coming out there, thats mean the quest can't be finished and also we can't gaining reputation with other faction in the outland.

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:!:Quest > Netherstorm > Ethereum Secrets :!: Empty Re: :!:Quest > Netherstorm > Ethereum Secrets :!:

Post  Admin on Mon Sep 01, 2008 11:55 am

Thank you for that very detailed report shades Smile I love the format Smile
Unfortunately these kinds of quest requires scripting so if it doesn't work, please try again when Core/DB/AI script has been updated (mainly Core and AI script).


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