Bandwith issue and player cap

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Bandwith issue and player cap

Post  Admin on Sat Sep 06, 2008 7:30 am

Ok.. as you all know now we have a bit of bandwith issue.. I only have upload capacity for 15-20 people (based on 384kbps upload). As a result you guys will start experiencing lag when there are around 13-15 people. I know about this and the only solution at the moment is to upgrade my own personal connection at home to ADSL2+.

This should reduce lag and boost our server capacity to around 50 player. The other option is to host somewhere else, obviously the benefit of commercial hosting is that we can have a much bigger bandwith capacity (I'm only looking at 100-150 max players). The only issue is money, since I want to keep it free, I won't be looking at commercial hosting (unless someone can figure out the money issue)..

I have couple of things I need to organise first once I'm ready I'll let you all know what's going on. Unfortunately when I'm switching ISP I will lose my current internet connection. This means there will be no internet for me for around 5-7 days, if everything is ok. If something went wrong, it might get delayed to 2 weeks..

Hopefully that's not the case..

Please inform other players to keep their eye on this forum, any announce will be posted here...

Cheers.. Smile


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