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Aution House BOT

Post  shades on Tue Nov 25, 2008 7:58 am

I can see all thing n mats, especially in the leatherworking or skin i can only see the Bot sell; Light Leather, but after that or more higher than that (like medium leather, heavy, thick, etc. they aren't.

i dunno is there r some ppl bought them all or its not sell by the AH Bot, i need confirmation with this.

the fact is raising skinning is easy, but leveling leather is hard, reason is.
- we didn't often kill those beastie.
- we have to loot 1st before skin.
- sometime or maybe often we forgot to skin it.
- the ingredient cost of skin used to make leather stuff are more than its drop (skinned) usually only get 1 skin from 1 kill.
- in the higher lvl the quest or instance are 70%+ of humanoid, 20%+ of else, 10%- of beast (which can be skinned)

you dont have to say cloth... (damn u kill those humanoid more and encounter more, of course the humanoid can drop up to 5 cloth), same thing also apply to herb each gather might result of 3 or more you even can get extra other kind of herb, and lets talk about ore (u can ditch the mineral vein more than 3-4 times, and you got multiple of quantity)

hope this can be a reference to our GM, cheers ...


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Re: Aution House BOT

Post  Admin on Wed Nov 26, 2008 12:39 am

My recommendation is to check the Auction house often to see whether they have post anything above light leather. Azure managed to maximise his LW to 375, so ask him how he did it.

Other than that, back to good old fashion farming. It gives you something to do when you reach 70 and waiting for raid to happen. Regarding to the seemingly unfair drop rate between cloth, herb, and ore, I have no idea why leather is less than the rest, maybe it's like that in Blizz..



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