Database rollback

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Database rollback

Post  Admin on Wed Dec 10, 2008 12:17 am

Hi everyone,

I start to see that the rollback becoming a bit of an issue for some people. Until I found what causing it and solve the problem I would recommend to store your important items in bank because it seems bank is a bit more stable. Expensive and things that require time/effort to collect them like BoJs, T4 token, different set of gears, etc, basically items that you don't need right away or hate to see gone should be in bank. Since it is easily accessible anyway (command .bank - for those who doesn't know about it yet), I would strongly recommend to store those things in the bank until you need it.

I'm sorry but I can't restore/give the items back to you since at the moment, I can't trace what's going on, I need to understand why these rollback happen. If I change something, I might end up corrupting your data even more. Your patience is appreciated.

I also would like to know who has been affected by this random database rollback. I for one never got to experience it. I also would like to know what happened prior to the rollback.




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Re: Database rollback

Post  Kevin Smith on Thu Feb 19, 2009 8:43 am

From the few times the rollback has happened to me, it usually happens in this sequence :

1) Server hiccups
2) All players got DC'd / thrown out of server
3) Server auto restart in 5-10 mins
4) Logging back in to find server has rollback roughly around 1-10 mins (that is, you'll find yourself back to where you were around 1-10 mins before the server hiccups / DC'd).

Never had anything gone from bags/inventory like what happened to Henry though, or if it did happen to me, I simply didn't notice, since I don't have any uber loots yet in any of my bags, lol.

Kevin Smith

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