Quests that need scripting support

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Quests that need scripting support

Post  Admin on Sat Jan 24, 2009 10:20 am

With rev 958 update the following quests should now be working, please test and give feedback,
- Rescue OOX-17/TN!
- Protect Kaya
- When the Cows Come Home
- Disrupt the Greengill Coast
- The Escape
- Kyle's Gone Missing!
- What Book? I Don't See Any Book.
- Freedom to Ruul
- Escape from Umbrafen
- Chasing A-Me 01
- Escape from Firewing Point!
- Homeward Bound
- Powering our Defenses
- Unexpected Results
- Escape from Coilskar Cistern
- Willix the Importer
- Sunken Treasure
- Escorting Erland
- Tree's Company
- The Master's Terrace
- Ulag the Cleaver
- Escape from the Catacombs

Please also update if you discover a quest that wasn't working but now it works..

Thanks.. Smile


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