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if you are lazy , just read this lol
VIIIc. Skill Rotations

This section is dedicated to a warrior with shield slam, and devastate. I will add a section later for non-protection spec warriors attempting to tank.

This section will assume standard gear, and will not get into a discussion of what happens at extreme levels of gear (for instance 100,000 DPS weapons, or 1 million shield block value).

You can calculate your theoretical TPS using the TPS calculator provided by Punscho in this thread.

This section will assume unlimited rage and a discussion of limited rage situations will be done on the following section.

A tanking warrior will be using the following abilities when generating threat:

Devastate (protection warrior talent)
Shield slam (protection warrior talent)
Revenge (revenge must follow a block, dodge, or parry, but we will assume it is always ready)
Heroic strike

Here is how these abilities break down in terms of threat per second:
Shield slam > Revenge > Heroic Strike > Devastate

In terms of threat per rage:
Revenge > Shield slam > Devastate > Heroic Strike

In all situations, if you have the rage to use revenge or shield slam before devastate, then you should.

The reason you simply cannot spam shield slam and revenge is that each have cooldowns.
Revenge has a 5 second cooldown.
Shield slam has a 6 second cooldown.
Devastate has a 1.5 second global cooldown.

Warriors have a 1.5 second global cooldown on their yellow-attack abilities (ignoring next-attack abilities such as heroic strike).

Therefore, in unlimited rage situations, you can only hit shield slam 1 out of every 6 seconds. Ideally you would want to hit it every 1.5 seconds for 4 shield slams every 6 seconds, but the cooldown prevents this from happening.

The goal therefore is to come up with rotations that last roughly 6 seconds in length. The problem is that in addition to the global cooldown, players have a latency that adds to their rotation. For instance, if you have a 250 ms latency, and you use 4 abilities, your rotation will be extended by 250ms * 4 or 1.0 seconds.

It should be noted that heroic strike is only usable on a weapon swing. Therefore, it is usually preferable for a tank to have a faster weapon so that the tank will have more opportunities per second to use heroic strike. HS has a base threat modifier that is independent of damage done. Keep in mind that faster weapons typically do less instant damage, weakening devastate. But at least with our current field of available weapons, a faster speed weapon will win out.
Before Devastate this was even more-so the case. Some tanks would use [Julie's Dagger] on Vaelastrasz or other threat sensitive fights in order to gain a large boost in threat (this was also pre-decent shield slam.) You could effectively have 6 tanks using 6 different delay weapons only pressing HS, and you would know their threat order well before threat meters existed.

The 3 ability rotation:

Players with higher latency may want to consider using a 3 ability rotation:
Shield slam -> Revenge -> Devastate -> repeat

The total time for this rotation is .
Solving for latency here gives 500 ms. If you latency is over 500 ms, you will improve your TPS by shifting to the above 3 cycle rotation.

The 4 ability rotation:

Players with normal latency should use the 4 ability rotation under ideal circumstances:
Shield slam -> Revenge -> Devastate -> Devastate -> repeat

The total time for this rotation is .
If you have a 100 ms ping, this rotation will take you 6.4 seconds. There is some time lost, but it is better than 1.2 seconds of completely wasted time using a 3 cycle rotation for the same latency. Your latency is fixed, and rotations will not make that go away unless you go over 6 seconds early.

Also, because this is unlimited rage, you should be spamming heroic strike so that it is used on every single swing. In fact if you press heroic strike fast enough, you can even heroic strike on your windfury procs! This is not a joke: if you are a tanking warrior, sit in an ergonomic position so that you do not develop carpel tunnel syndrome due to button spamming.

In a perfect world, tanking is as easy as that. Of course you will also want to be hitting shield block when it comes off of cool-down.

The problem of tanking of course comes when you do NOT have unlimited rage. And this is what separates good tanks from great tanks, and will be discussed in the following section.


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