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Warlocks are unique among the DPS caster classes because of their ability to convert health into mana. They can be + Damage or + Damage & Crit players. Warlocks have the most powerful assortment of Damage over Time spells when used in conjunction, and also the most variety in debuffs and summonable minions. Just like a Mage, a Warlock’s Crowd control abilities appropriately used can stave off certain doom for the Warlock and their allies, and the Warlock’s sustained Burst damage when suitably specced and geared can rival those of a Mage. However, the Warlock’s Area of Effect spells are not as varied as those of their Mage brethren, although when used appropriately they have powerful applications in group play.

Warlocks are well versed in the "shock and horror" tactics of warfare, and their manipulation of Shadow energies can send their opponents reeling in Fear. At low levels, warlocks rely primarily on minions and Damage over Time (DoT) spells to deal out damage while fearing their enemies to prevent retribution.

Endgame warlocks either choose to maximize the effects of their DoTs and Curses through the Affliction tree, increase the utility of their summoned minions and stones through the Demonology tree, or lay waste the opposition with Burst damage and Direct damage spells in the Destruction tree. In previous versions of WoW, the 8-debuff and 16-debuff limits prevented Warlocks from maximizing their damage output through Affliction spells, and Warlocks were relegated to chain-casting their Direct damage spells to maintain DPS in PvE raids. This has changed and there is now no reachable debuff limit, and Affliction DPS is now competitive in a raid environment.

The warlock can learn to summon magical mounts. Other classes, except Paladins, and Druids (Flight Form), must purchase their own mounts with gold or via PvP.

Being a warlock demands certain things: being able to engage multiple targets simultaneously while keeping tabs on your minion, to make split-second strategic decisions on cast rotations depending on the situation, careful shard management and even more careful aggro management. Being a Warlock also rewards many things: they are PvP powerhouse due to naturally high stamina values, they have the ability to apply debilitating Crowd control abilities, and in PvE their damage output in multiple target situations can rival those of other DPS classes who focus fire on a single target.

Their ability to drain and use souls as Soul Shards is also appealing to many.

Weapons and armor

Warlocks can wear Cloth armor only, and can initially use Daggers and Unarmed combat in battle. They can also use Wands for ranged combat, and equip off-hands to enhance various skills. They can train at a weapon master for 10s to gain the ability to use One-Handed Swords (Undercity, Silvermoon, Stormwind) and Staves (Orgrimmar, Thunder Bluff, Stormwind, Darnassus). More information regarding Warlock-specific armor can be found at Warlock Sets.


Stamina is one of the key Warlock attributes, especially for Demonology Warlocks. The main reason for this is that Warlocks can convert their health to mana through the spell Life Tap, thus allowing stamina to mostly fill the role for intellect as well. Many Warlocks also depend on large health pools as their main source of defense.

As a primary spell caster, the Warlock also has great use for all the standard caster attributes, such as intellect and spell damage. Consequently Warlocks have no use for strength and also little use for agility. However due to the changes to Fel Armor, which returns 30% of your spirit as Spell Power, Spirit is now a viable stat for a warlock to have. The value of spell crit depends on the talent build. With Ruin and the use of direct damage spells, it is very good. But for an Affliction Warlock that mostly uses DoTs, it is worth very little. The exception to this is if you put pointing into Pandemic which allows your Spell Crit to increase SOME of your spells damage. However Spellpower is still the more important attribute. The Demonology talent Demonic Knowledge gives the Warlock bonus spell damage of an amount equal to 4/8/12 percent of their active demon's stamina + intellect, which are bolstered by the Warlock's own stamina and intellect values.

In a raid scenario, Spell hit rating becomes significantly more valuable, taking precedence over all other stats and it is advisable that you reach the spell hit rating cap (17% as of 3.0.2). After this point, however, spell hit rating is useless. Spell-hit-crippling debuffs are too few and far between to be considered.

The value of item attributes varies greatly for Warlocks depending on their talent choices and their main focus in the game whether it be leveling, raiding or PvP. Below is an example of the Attribute values for a raiding Warlock (in descending order).

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Priority Stats

Spell hit (until capped with Suppression) > Spellpower > Spell Haste > Spell Crit

Spell hit > Spellpower > Spell Haste > Spell Crit

Spellpower > Spell Haste > Spell hit > Spell Crit

About : Soul Shards

A large number of the warlock's skills and spells rely on a Soul Shard reagent. They are obtained by using the Drain Soul spell. To create a soul shard, the warlock must be channelling this spell as the target dies. Only targets that would give experience (or honor in the case of a PvP target) to the warlock will yield a Soul Shard.

Shadowburn (talent) also creates a soul shard if the enemy dies within five seconds of casting it if the target rewards experience, reputation or honor, but since it also costs a shard to cast, the net effect is zero shards (or less if the cast is mistimed or spell is resisted).

Soul Shards are used to summon all minions except for the imp, enslave demons, cast many high level spells (such as Soul Fire), and create Healthstones, Soulstones, Firestones, and Spellstones. Additionally, they are required for the Ritual of Summoning spell that allows a Warlock to summon party members to the Warlock's location, and Ritual of Souls which allows the Warlock to summon a Soul Well that has 25 Healthstone charges or lasts for three minutes, which ever comes first.

NB : Soul Shards is now stackable!!!!!! <- Minako FTW lol! lol! lol!

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Warlocks can summon a variety of minions, each exhibiting different skill sets which are useful in different situations.
List of warlock minions :

  • Imp (Level Obtained: As early as level 1, though the quest level is level 4. Gnome, Undead, Human, Orc, Blood Elf)
    The Imp's main role is a support minion, designed to do additional damage alongside the caster via its Firebolt attack. The Imp is very fragile and will die very quickly if attacked, but it requires no Soul Shard to summon, and is often used to farm new Soul Shards when you run out and cannot summon a different minion. Other Imp abilities include Phase Shift (allowing the Imp to shift out of phase and cannot be attacked by enemies), Blood Pact, a large health bonus, and Fire Shield, a Thorns-like damage shield (with fire resist at higher levels) which he will cast on you and your teammates who get hit. With the Improved Imp and Improved Firebolt talents, the Imp is a damaging minion in the warlock's arsenal; at least until he runs out of mana. Empowered Imp near the bottom of the Destruction Tree adds utility of the Imp to the Destruction spec. The Imp is also useful as a mana battery for affliction warlocks using Dark Pact due to his ability to stay out of harms way and his fast mana regeneration.

  • Voidwalker (Level Obtained: 10, Gnome, Undead, Human, Orc, Blood Elf)
    This demon deals little damage, but has very good armor and good hit points. He is excellent while soloing, because he is an excellent tank, is able to keep aggro and has high armor and health. He is also excellent for farming Soul Shards (provided you have one to summon him with). The Abyss Shard was formerly able to summon a Voidwalker without a shard requirement which made it useful for warlocks of the high levels who have problems finding mobs of the appropriate level to generate shards. Blizzard, however, changed it to the current +15 stamina and removing the mana requirement of summoning the Voidwalker, whilst simultaneously releasing an expansion further reducing the area of the world available to the warlock to obtain Soul Shards. The Voidwalker's main ability, Torment, is an aggro generating move that causes enemies to lose interest in the warlock and instead attack the Voidwalker. It isn't a taunt which is generally accepted to mean a move that causes the taunter to move to the top of the aggro table regardless of where they were previously. There is also a PBAOE version of Torment called Suffering. At higher levels, however, it is unable to hold a mob's attention for very long. Additional Voidwalker spells include Sacrifice, which kills your Voidwalker but creates a 30-second damage absorption shield for the warlock, and Consume Shadows which is an out of combat self-heal for the Voidwalker.

  • Succubus (Level Obtained: 20, Undead, Orc, Alliance)
    The Succubus is replete with spells that deal damage and mesmerize the enemy in different ways. Her first ability, Lash of Pain, is a direct-damage, low-mana cast that deals shadow damage to her target. Other spells include Soothing Kiss, which will reduce threat (the reverse of the Voidwalker's Torment ability) and Seduction, which charms a target for 15 seconds (or until attacked). The Succubus also has a self-only Lesser Invisibility spell. Succubus deals the most damage of all the basic minions, without talent upgrades. At higher levels the succubus is not a good means of using Crowd Control. Her low health and armor makes her easy to kill, thereby eliminating the Crowd Control ability and leaving the warlock without a pet. A macro utilising Searing Pain before Seduction would help her survival immensely.

  • Felhunter (Level Obtained: 30, Horde, Alliance)
    The Felhunter is your anti-caster minion. Where the Succubus deals lots of melee damage, the Voidwalker is a great tank and the Imp deals lots of ranged damage, the Felhunter has high magic resist and has abilities to Counterspell (Spell Lock), remove buffs from enemies and remove debuffs from friendlies (Devour Magic). Its aura, Fel Intelligence, is beneficial for casters as it increases the intellect and spirit of all nearby party members. Also, it has an offensive spell, Shadow Bite, that deals shadow damage and becomes more powerful with each damage over time effect on the target. The affliction talent, Improved Felhunter, gives your felhunter 4/8% of its mana back when it uses Shadow Bite, and it increases the effectiveness of Fel Intelligence by 5/10%

  • Infernal (Level Obtained: 50, from Grimoire of Inferno or Kroshius' Infernal Core)
    The Infernal deals strictly in melee damage, combined with an immolation effect that hurts all enemies nearby. It also requires an Infernal Stone to summon.

  • Doomguard (Level Obtained: 60, from Curse of Doom or Ritual of Doom)
    The Doomguard is the most powerful Warlock minion. It has the highest HP and AC, as well as having Rain of Fire, Dispel, Cripple and Warstomp. A properly used Doomguard can take out entire camps of enemies at a time before perishing. Curse of Doom has a 100% chance of summoning a Doomguard if it deals the killing damage on anything that grants experience or honor as of Patch 2.4.3. Ritual of Doom will summon a Doomguard 100% of the time, but requires the assistance of your party, and will take a large and potentially fatal portion of one summoner's hp. That one party member could be you, thus unleashing an angry Doomguard on your group mates with no one to enslave it unless another Warlock is in your group. Ritual of Doom requires a Demonic Figurine reagent (costs 1g or less with reputation discount). Ritual of Doom has a 60 minute cooldown.

  • Felguard was added in the 2.0.1 patch (Obtained: from 41 point tier of the new demonology talent tree)
    The Felguard is the most powerful non-enslaved Warlock minion. Overall effectiveness compared to other warlock minions is in a rapid state of flux. As of patch 2.0.3, it has similar DPS to the succubus, while tanking almost as well as the Voidwalker having slightly less armor but much better single target aggro generation (this appears to be changing however, with armor increasing). This demon has abilities that help a lot in PvP as well as when soloing, Intercept among one of the many allows the felguard to charge and stun whoever the warlock targets for 3 seconds and has a cooldown of 30 seconds. It uses the standard single soul shard to summon.

Pet scaling
* 1 stam gives 0.3 to your pet.
* 1 resistance gives 0.4 to your pet.
* 1 armor gives 0.35 armor to the pet.
* 1 spell damage gives 0.15 spell damage, and 0.57 attack power to your pet.
* 1 int gives your pet 0.3 int.

List of warlock mounts :

  • Felsteed (Level Obtained: 30, from trainers)
    The Felsteed is the 'free mount' that Warlocks receive at level 30 (changed from 40 in 2.4.3). Other than Paladins, all other classes must pay 10g for a mount and 35g (changed from 90 in 2.4.3) for training to ride it (these prices can be lowered by being Honored with the mount's city (and pre 2.0 by obtaining the Sergeant rank)). You also gain riding skill 75.

  • Dreadsteed (Level Obtained: 60, from Mor'zul Bloodbringer in Burning Steppes near the Altar of Storms)
    The Dreadsteed is the Warlock Epic level 60 mount. This minion is obtained though a long quest line. It is not free, but it is still available to Warlocks at a significant discount compared to other classes (roughly 406g , compared to ~600g for everyone else). This cost can be further reduced by another 250g if you have another warlock who already has the materials. This cost however does not take into account the three materials collection quests you are tasked with which can be very costly, particularly if your Warlock does not possess any of the trade skills required to do them. By completing the quest line you also gain riding skill 150.


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Damage over Time Spells
A Warlock's DoTs are the bread and butter of their arsenal, regardless of talent specialization.
* Corruption - Shadow damage.
* Immolate - Fire damage which also includes direct damage.
* Unstable Affliction - Affliction Talent which deals shadow damage, and if the spell is dispelled by someone, that someone takes shadow-based direct damage and becomes silenced.
* Curse of Agony - Shadow damage.
* Siphon Life - Affliction Talent which damages the target and heals the warlock for an equal amount.
* Seed of Corruption - Shadow damage.
* Shadowflame - Instant cast spell that deals shadow damage and then fire damage over time.

Direct Damage Spells
The Warlock's direct damage spells are either Shadow or Fire based. While a Warlock's direct damage alone does not compare to the Mage, when coupled with their DoTs and a minion they can achieve strong, steady DPS to rival that of other classes.
* Shadow Bolt - Shadow damage.
* Immolate - Deals an initial amount of fire-based direct damage, and also has damage over time.
* Searing Pain - Fire spell producing a higher amount of threat.
* Shadowburn - Instant cast, Shadow damage, Destruction talent that costs a Soul Shard, but may return it, and has a cooldown.
* Soul Fire - 6 second(long) cast Fire spell requiring a Soul Shard, and has a cooldown.
* Death Coil - Shadow spell that also heals the warlock equal to the amount of damage dealt, and causes the target to flee in horror for 3 seconds.
* Conflagrate - Instant cast, Fire damage, Destruction talent usable only if the target is debuffed with Immolate.
* Incinerate - Fire spell with damage that increases if the target is debuffed with Immolate.
* Shadowfury - Instant cast (as of 3.0.2), Shadow damage, ground targeted area of effect, Destruction talent which stuns for two seconds.
* Chaos Bolt - Fire spell that ignores absorption barriers such as a mage's Mana Shield.

Some of a warlock's most important spells are channeled, and they can be protected from interruption by damage, using the Fel Concentration and Intensity talents.
* Rain of Fire - Ground targeted area of effect fire damage
* Hellfire - Point blank area of effect fire damage that also harms the caster.
* Drain Life - Drains the target's health, healing the warlock for an equal amount. Modifiable using Demon Armor.
* Drain Mana - Drain's the target's mana, returning it to the warlock.
* Drain Soul - The primary Soul Shard producing spell. Also deals a small amount of damage, and can be improved to generate mana with the Improved Drain Soul talent. Damage increases 4-fold if the target is under 25% health, however, this has been very hit-and-miss in actual gameplay.

The warlock has available a variety of curses, but only one can be cast upon an enemy at a given time. This creates the need for determining an appropriate Curse in a given situation.
* Curse of Agony - Deals increasing damage over time to the target. Its damage can be increased by Amplify Curse. As of 3.0.2, Amplify Curse just reduces the global cooldown by 0.5 seconds.
* Curse of Weakness - Reduces the target's attack power.
* Curse of Recklessness - Decreases the target's armor value, increases its attack power, and prevents it from running away at low health.
* Curse of Tongues - Increases the target's casting time by a percentage.
* Curse of Exhaustion - An affliction talent that decreases the target's movement speed by a percentage. Pre-3.0.2, its effect could be increased by Amplify Curse.
* Curse of the Elements - Reduces the target's fire, frost, arcane and shadow resistances and increases the respective damages taken by a percentage.
* Curse of Doom - Deals damage after a delay of one minute and has a chance to summon a Doomguard if it deals the killing blow.

Conjured Items
Another powerful ability of the Warlock is to create beneficial items from Soul Shards.
* Create Healthstone - Creates a consumable stone that will heal its owner. It is used like a health potion, but is on a separate timer. Healthstones are the only conjured items that can be given to other players, although a player can posses only one Healthstone at a time.
* Create Soulstone - Creates a consumable stone used by the warlock to cast a spell that allows the targeted player to self resurrect if they die while the soulstone is active.
* Create Firestone - Creates a stone which provides a weapon applied buff (like wizard oil) that increases damage dealt by direct spells by 1% and spell critical strike rating. Each stone has 5 charges and does not disappear after logging off.
* Create Spellstone - Creates a stone which provides a weapon applied buff (like wizard oil) that increases damage dealt by periodic spells by 1% and spell haste rating. Each stone has 5 charges and does not disappear after logging off.

A warlock is by no means a healer, however, they do have some limited abilities to heal themselves and their minions while in combat. In addition, they can also resurrect by giving a player a soulstone prior to their death.

To heal themselves there are Drain Life, Siphon Life (an Affliction talent), and Death Coil which, conveniently, also damage the target. Demonic Sacrifice (a Demonology talent) restores 2% of total Health every 4 sec, at the cost of a summoned Voidwalker. The Fel Armor spell also regenerates 1% of total health every few seconds, including during combat. Destruction warlocks can also regain health equal to 20% of damage caused by Shadowbolt, Shadowburn, Soul Fire, Incinerate, Searing Pain, and Conflagrate though the talent Soul Leech.

To heal others (or himself), a Warlock can create a Healthstone and hand it to another friendly player. These can be improved through talents. Burning Crusade introduced the Ritual of Souls which creates a Soul Well from which 10 Master Healthstones can be extracted by members of the party or raid group.

To heal their minion they have Health Funnel. This can be improved through the talent system.

To resurrect a target a Warlock may use a Soulstone on a friendly player before they die (30 minutes Buff duration and Cooldown), allowing them to resurrect on death. If a warlock uses a soulstone on another member of their party and the warlock (or that member) leave the party, the buff is dismissed.

The warlock has several other valuable spells at their disposal.
* Fear — sends an enemy fleeing for a period of time, and is a key ability in preventing the warlock from receiving damage. Unlike a Mage’s Polymorph ability, the Warlock’s key Crowd control ability does not increase health generation of the target, so they are able to Fear a target while still doing damage. While damage has a chance to break Fear, this is unlike the Mage's polymorph ability where any and all damage will definitely break the polymorph effect. The main drawback is that when a PvE opponent is feared, they will run at increased speed in an unpredictable direction and will aggro other opponents if they run close to them. This makes the use of fear more risky, especially in crowded environments like instances.
* Howl of Terror — sends 5 enemies around you fleeing in terror for a period of time of approximately 8 seconds. A two point talent on the eighth tier of the Affliction tree can make this spell instant.
* Banish — freezes a demon or elemental - preventing them from attacking, though they are also immune to all damage while banished. Can also be used in PvP against enemy demons and Treeform Druids or Treants summoned by Druids. Rank 2 and Rank 1 Banish can be used in conjunction with Curse of Doom to ensure guaranteed damage output with very little risk to the caster.
* Ritual of Summoning — a ritual requiring 2 other party members which allows you to summon another party member to your location. As of patch 2.4 warlocks can summon party members who are outside the warlock's instance, given he, of course, has 2 other party members helping him. Zul Aman is an exception to this rule. Also warlocks can summon people without flying mounts into the various instances located in netherstorm something that was restricted before Patch 2.4.
* Eye of Kilrogg — a fragile but speedy eye that allows you to scout out dangerous areas from a safe distance. The eye has a slow fall ability. It is possible to aggro some bosses with an Eye but most mobs will not aggro from it. However, many mobs will kill the eye if it moves through them but does not engage combat. Caution is advised.
* Unending Breath — allows a target to breathe underwater for 10 minutes.
* Detect Invisibility — allows a target to see invisible units for 10 minutes. To alleviate a common misunderstanding, it should be emphasized that stealth and invisibility are entirely different mechanics. This ability affects only invisible units such as the succubus, mages, and ghosts, not units who are in stealth such as rogues and druids.
* Sense Demons — shows demons on the minimap.

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While the warlock can wield and attack with melee weapons, this is generally not recommended as the warlock's melee abilities do little damage in comparison to their array of offensive spells (exception: a warlock under the effects of Metamorphosis, a Demonology talent). Generally when an opponent gets within melee range the warlock's best bet is to use disabling spells such as Death Coil, Fear, Howl of Terror or Curse of Exhaustion to get away from the enemy.

If acquiring range is not possible a warlock is by no means helpless. Defensively, a warlock can share his damage with his pet via Soul Link, punish melee attackers with Fire Shield, and reduce damage received with Demon Armor. Unlike a Hunter a warlock's ranged abilities have no minimum range and their powerful offensive spells can still be used to deal damage to opponents that are very close, though the spells will be more difficult to cast due to spell pushback caused by taking damage.


* Affliction - Affliction talents are largely based on increasing the effectiveness of DoTs, Drains, and Curses. Affliction's strengths are its ability to remain mobile in PvP, allow the Warlock to heal himself, and is very mana efficient, great for farming. Key talents include Shadow Mastery, Siphon Life, Fel Concentration, Curse of Exhaustion, Improved Corruption, Dark Pact, Unstable Affliction, Everlasting Affliction and Haunt. Its large DPS output as well as its mana efficiency makes it very good for raiding. However it is mainly a boss killing spec, as most of the damage takes time and trash mobs usually do not live long enough for the warlock's DoTs to do their full damage.
* Demonology - Demonology talents are largely based on improving the effectiveness of your minions, conjure spells, and bestowing other passive bonuses. Demonology's strengths are its versatility and survivability. Key talents include Soul Link, Master Demonologist, Demonic Embrace, Demonic Knowledge, Demonic Empowerment, Demonic Pact, Summon Felguard, and Metamorphosis. Many use the Demonology tree to overcome the scarcity of spell damage gear at early levels.
* Destruction - Destruction talents are largely based on increasing the effect of a warlock's Direct Damage spells, making them (and their dps pets) cast faster, crit more often, and ultimately deal more Burst Damage. Destruction's strength is its ability to quickly kill a single foe. Key talents include Improved Shadow Bolt, Conflagrate, Ruin, Shadowburn, Bane, Backlash, Shadow and Flame Empowered Imp, Shadowfury, and Chaos Bolt. Destruction is the only spec with high damage instant cast spells to quickly finish a fight, and the least mana efficient among the trees as well (however, warlocks still make the most mana efficient classes in the game due to their ability to steal health and use it to regain mana). The damage potential of the Destruction Tree rivals a mage when properly specialized, as well the added benefit of pets and greater mana efficiency than most classes due to a Life Tap and various other health regaining skills.

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