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Guidelines, Rules, Template, HowTos, Dos and Don'ts

Post  Admin on Fri Oct 02, 2009 6:18 am

Rules for creating custom quests
  • You need to be a regular player and raid on regular basis, why such rules? This is to ensure you're familiar with our server and will be there to fix your creation in case it needs fixing.
  • Custom quests are for level 1 to 70 (as of 2-October-2009). This will change as we move from one expansion pack to another.
  • Custom quests must not make Blizzard's quests obsolete. It should be a side quest which add benefit or enchance experience to the player. For example, quest level 1 that gives blue item will not be accepted. Quest level 1 that gives white item with comparable stats to rest and compliment the overall gear is ok.


This list change all the time so please check this thread before submitting your idea/work..


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