Raid during 2009 x-mas period

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Raid during 2009 x-mas period

Post  Admin on Mon Dec 14, 2009 3:21 am

Hi guys,

As I have always say that Real Life (RL) matters are more important than WoW. With the X-mas period looming I understand that there will be lots of office parties, social events, family gathering...

I hereby announce that we're having holiday as well! Smile That means there's no mandatory GM raids on the weekends. I'll turn up as usual to play.. if we have enough people, we'll do raid based on number of people who's online a that time and class composition, if we don't have enough people, that's fine too..

I suggest use that you take a break from WoW, enjoy the festivities, forget about WoW.. hopefully when we all come back next year, our server has gotten a whole bunch of things fixed Smile I myself won't be going away during this period, because I'm planning to go to Japan next year Smile so I'll be around..

Anyway...merry X-mas and Happy new year 2010 guys Smile Thanks so much to all of you who have been sacrificing their weekend to help me test and open up content.. May next year be better than this one..

Admin Smile


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