How to get 11.5K HP & UNCRUSHABLE Pre Kara

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How to get 11.5K HP & UNCRUSHABLE Pre Kara

Post  Kevin Smith on Thu Apr 03, 2008 10:46 am

This one's mainly for ya, Grey santa
Maybe a little outdated, but then again, it's better than nothing What a Face

Izreii wrote:
This post was in response to a question I had gotten in another post... I thought, however, that will all the info that is spread around on these boards, it would be better to post it in it's on thread and see what you guys think..

Q u o t e:
Ok as promised here is my gear list..

Now before i go into this there are few things everyone should know about paladins (and all these can be looked up on the armory if you care to do a little research and know ANYTHING about math.

These are:

Pally base HP is 3377
When you add in stam (including the base Stam) your HP gained are (Stam*10)-180

Therefore your total HP is (stam*10)-3197+HPGAINED ((this last bit is enchants that are just HP) )

For avoidance (now note i am adding block here into avoidance even tho it is technically mitigation - the reason i am doing this is because block counts towards your total avoidance goal of 102.4%)

So the avoidance equations are:

Def: [(rating/2.4)+20]/25*4 = total avoidance from def

Parry: rating/35.1 + base (usually 5 or 10%) = parry percentage

Dodge: rating/18.9 + base (this is usually 5% but may be slightly different) = dodge percentage

Block: rating/7.9 + base (Usually 5%) = block percentage

Miss: base miss of 5% + [(def over 350)-(350)]*.04

Now we're not going to subtract anything from these because we're already calculating it in with our goal being 102.4%

Ok now that all that fun stuff is out of the way... lets get to the gear. (skip to the end if all you want is the summary of stats) ::

Head: Felsteel Helm

* Enchant: Glyph of the Defender

Neck: Strength of the Untamed

Shoulder: Spaulders of the Righteous

* Enchant: Greater Inscription of the Knight

Back: Devilshark Cape

* Enchant: Dodge

Chest: Jade-Skull Breastplate

* Enchant: Exceptional Health

Wrist: Bracers of the Green Fortress

* Enchant: Major Defense

Hands: Felsteel Gloves

* Enchant: Superior Agility
(Note: this enchant can be switched for the major Spellpower one if you need the threat gen)

Waist: Girdle of the Immovable

Legs: Timewarden's Leggings

* Enchant: Clefthide Leg Armor

Feet: Boots of the Colossus

* Enchant: Fortitude

Ring 1: Protector's Mark of the Redemption

Ring 2: Elementium Band of the Sentry

Trinket 1: Adamantine Figurine

Trinket 2: Figurine of the Colossus

Weapon: Continuum Blade

* Enchant: Major Spellpower

Shield: Crest of the Sha'tar

* Enchant: Shield Block

Libram: Libram of Repentance

Gems: Solid Star of Elune

Ok now for the summary of all those stats.

Sta: 467 (from gear) + 123 (base for a BE) + 192 (16 gem slots all filled with +12sta gems) = 782 * 1.06(the talent any decent protadin will have) == 828.92 stam

Def: 345 Rating: [(345/2.4)+20]/25*4 = 26.2 avoidance from Def (block/dodge/parry/miss)

Block: 82 Rating: 82/7.9 = 10.4 Avoidance

Dodge: 118 Rating: 118/18.9 = 6.24 Avoidance

Parry: 0 = 0


That stam == 11,606 Hp
Total Block = 21.95
Total Dodge = 17.79
Total Parry = 16.55
Total miss = 11.55
Block From HS = 35%

All this together makes :

HP = 11606
Avoidance = 102.8%

So as i said 11.5k HP and Uncrushable.

Oh and if you don't want to go to heroics for the belt or boots... you can replace them with:

Flesh Beast's Metal Greaves


Sha'tari Vindicator's Waistguard

Now this will drop you down about 50 sta or 530 Hp's But personally i think 11k and uncrushable is fine if you don't want to deal with the heroics before Kara.

Oh and as a side note... if anyone finds fault in my math here PLEASE let me know... this is all the gear I am going for so it would be nice if i could know before hand that i'm wrong LOL (though i know i'm not)

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Re: How to get 11.5K HP & UNCRUSHABLE Pre Kara

Post  draque on Sun Apr 06, 2008 5:10 pm

my goodness... Shocked

thanks for the inspiration dude!


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