My 7free day in Cataclysm

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My 7free day in Cataclysm

Post  shades on Tue Dec 07, 2010 10:01 am

I'm not really active in official one, but i just tried they 7 free play they give me, and i tried it.

there are many thing i want to say:

1. Cross Race Classes are awesome, i tried a TAUREN PALLY hahaha, aye my fiend tried TROLL DRUID (yeas they planning on living in the official server, i can ask for their WDB or stuff we need for the dev, specially dungeon and boss encounter)

2. New Proffession the ARCHAEOLOGY, was a secondary profession! voila, U DONT HAVE TO COMPETE WITH OTHER PLAYER for it as u dig a survey (running a map and spam survey to locate a digging site) site it stay as yours untill u dig em all, unlike mining, herb u have to compete with other for its spawn nodes.

3. wooot clothier have average HP with platier lol nice!!!

4. SPELL & TALENT... ya MAJOR CHANGE!!!, all skill revamped, decreased talent point for its tree or lvl, like some need 5/5 cut down only 3/3, also decrease its point, like u got 1 point each 2 lv, not 1 point each 1 lv nymore, mean more specified in build, u cant be too hybrid nymore.

5. some zones changes maps and it's post.... like: TAURAJO have been ravaged, the ALLIANCE are posting near there take over SOUTHERN BARRENS, of course more greenish... and sad no more CHUCK NORRIS chat ny more!, 1k Needed are FLOODED, 70% are water! like an water map lol.

6. the Changed Zones also have it's quest changed... i meant NEW QUEST!

7. i tried classic instance, when u enter the classics there are some NPC there providing the MAIN INSTANCE quests with good blue item reward.

8. old classic instance are easy cake, but wait this new classic instances the BOSS are skilled have it's tactic pre BC - WoTLK, it become moderate and more challenging, ofcourse some boss in the instances changed... like SFK theres no more worgen, Arugal is not there nymore...

9. Tanking get more harder u cant spam threat or skill nymore that mean if DPS didnt watch their threat they're doomed, DPS not just have to dish out damage but they need to CC now blizzard are bringging back CC system from BC, Healer GOT EASY!!! many raid healing spell implanted... a pally can heal raid now!

10. each major city have its own quartermaster and sell their tabard, getting exalted with major city now more easy... buy the tabard farm the instances ^_^

11. ALLIANCE city STORMWIND minor changes, HORDE city ORGRIMMAR MAJOR CHANGES, seriously i cant recognizes it anymore... and THRALL is no more there, replaced by HELLSCREAM... my friend told me that THRALL already go back to nagrand and joind the Earthen Ring as a high SHAMAN, it's like there are some major storyline changes in WoW history... lol.

12. flying in azeroth ya ofcourse, riding trainer provide another riding mastery for azeroth, and another mastery for it's level i heard mount speed exceeded 300.

13. reset talent cost less, but increased as u reset it, 1st reset = 1 gold, 2nd reset = 2 gold, 3 = 3 gold and so on...

14. ah yes GLYPH changed, you only need to buy and learn it 1 time, and it become passively infinitely u can change it without ever have to buy the glyph nymore.

15. many emblem are removed, they replace it with point, u buy gears and stuff with that point, bosses started from the BC and so on have it's own point value... u killed them u earn that points, quest emblems are going to extinct.

ah my 7 free days are ended... and thus are my report to you!!


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Re: My 7free day in Cataclysm

Post  Admin on Wed Dec 08, 2010 12:37 am

Nice Shades Smile

I have 2 weeks left in retail so I might give archaeology a try Smile my time so far has been spent of leveling like mad. I'm finally 68 now so I can do Northrend stuff..

Thanks again for the report..


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