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Post  reeborn on Wed Mar 04, 2009 4:42 am

tips :

Always use Curse of Elements before this spell to increase its effectiveness.

A helpful way to protect from a resist and a very angry demon is to use the Voidwalker's Sacrifice, since you will lose your voidwalker anyway after casting the spell.

You can manually release enslaved demons by attempting to summon one of your normal demons, such as the Imp. The enslaved demon will be freed as soon as you begin casting. The demon can also be released by right clicking on its character portrait and clicking 'Dismiss'. Please note this just frees it, it does not 'de-summon' it like your regular minions. You will still have to fight it.

In instance situations, it's considered good etiquette to release your enslaved demon between fights, warning your party first of course. This will prevent it from freeing itself during the next fight and becoming an add.

Like Mind Control, Enslaving generates a large amount of hate towards the caster. It's a good idea to set your new pet to Stay and put some distance between you and it if you're going to manually release it.

A good way to get rid of an enslaved demon is to order it to stay and run away. The demon will be dismissed but you will be far enough from him for him to simply despawn without attacking you. Another way is to dismiss it, banish it and run away.


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