I don't need shit in my server

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I don't need shit in my server

Post  Admin on Fri Feb 26, 2010 11:39 pm

Hi guys,

You probably notice that I'm don't come online on weekdays anymore, that's because on weeknights, I'm very busy. So weekends is my relaxing time, but these days even on weekend I'm still busy trying to catch up with some of things that I don't do on weekdays... As a result my play time dwindle further down even more. This makes my play time very precious to me, especially during GM raid..

Apparently we have players who deliberately trying to ruin my one and only free time by not playing their best. Why? Because they knows that my time is limited so if the raid takes longer, I will eventually give up, have to go to sleep and they can go back playing without me..

Now, these people get free entertainment from me and this is the thanks that I get? If you don't like me or my server, then why don't you fuck off? Stop wasting my time and being a shit in my server. My focus in building this server is to have fun with my friends, my good friends. That's more important than finishing content. So I don't need shit in my server.
I don't ask for money, I don't ask people to click some dodgy ads. Even I'm busy, I still make time to keep myself up-to-date with what's going on with Trinity and update the server (core & DB) to make sure you guys get the latest version. All I ask is some good company when I play, I think that's reasonable, it's called give and take. I give some, you give some back too..

You know who you are, this is your last warning. Get our head out of your ass and think very hard about whether you want to be part of Minako or are you going to be a parasite/shit/traitor in my server.

I don't care even if you're a veteran player. If you don't change your attitude the kick+ban will come swiftly and without in-game warning. I think I'm pretty reasonable and patient, if I've had enough of your shit, that says a lot about you.

If you can't get login the next time around then you know you're the shit that I'm talking about..



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